Whenever Noone Else Is At Home

In my fantasy I would like to be kept as an adult sissy baby 24/7, but in real life I would love it to be 'restricted' to the times we are alone at home.

And keep as adult sissy baby means completely treated  as a baby. In diapers, only formula or baby food or breast milk, play in a play pen, sleep in a crib (on baby times!) Being dressed/undressed and diaper changed by mommy, pacifier, baby toys.

Kadya Kadya
3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

the only problem is I've never found a domme / dominant woman who wanted to do this for long periods. it's a lot of work for the domme. at least in a Mistress/slave relationship the domme can expect some useful service / help. but what can abies do? tis a constant problem. any thoughts?

yes i would like this 24/7 as well

yes i would love to be a baby like this as well