My Freaky Friend Peaches - The Sexual Jekyl And Hyde

Peaches is my best friend. You'd never guess she's a freak. She's a gorgeus blonde MILF in her 30s. She's married and wears corporate camoflague, But she's a **** at heart and knows it. I've known her since she ws 16 and she wanted to suck my **** back then, thank god she never said anything. Anyway years later we became **** buddies. Today we live along way way apart  but we  get together for "reuinions" in places like Vegas and SF.

Lately she's been calling me with these wild adventures..  She's been after this guy at work. But he's married and resisting her advances. She asked me for advice on how to seduce him. I suggested she talk to his **** !!! I had a GF who named my **** Leroy. When she sucked my **** she would talk to it like a microphone, begging him to ***. WOW !!! When she wanted her way she'd blow me saying, "This is between me and Leroy".

So I suggested my friend get him alone and pull that move on him. They had been texting at work and recently he had started flirtng. One day he joked that he couldn't stand up after a 1on1 meeting with her. She said something to the effect that he should interduce her to his friend. One thing leads to another and she's sending "Henry" (His ****) messages about they should hang out. By the end of the day she's blowing him in his car. My favorite part is how she made sure to suck him dry so he wouldn't stain his underwear too much.

She realixes that her stuff ahs a mind of it's own too. Her name is Peaches. It's really funny. I can tell when i'm talking to Peaches because her voice suddenly gets deep and husky.

Anyway we're starting a blog and we're probably going to record our conversations. Stay tuned or more


oodaddy oodaddy
Aug 5, 2010