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A Shoe And Foot Freak

I'd love to talk to someone who is into shoes and feet. I love heels, clogs, dirty, slippery, sticky, abused shoes and feet. 
wamclog wamclog 41-45 2 Responses Apr 7, 2012

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come talk to me, i love doing messy things with my feet

I like food much better. It smells good and its easy to clean up. I've played in knee deep manure already, its fun, but the smell lasts forever. I prefer to spend all day messed up and torture myself all day long without the bother of an unpleasant odor. My shoes and jeans have been filled numerous times with just baby oil and worn for hours and hours to enjoy the slippery sensation. Oily pantyhose in boots is a favorite of mine.

Oooh, I'd never thought of that before. Baby oil does make things delightfully slippery.