A Good Female Friend To Share My Freaky Side

I would love to find a female friend that I could share my freaky side with. It is not easy to share all the freakiness inside with just anyone. I would really like an online friend that I could open up to with my own stories and sexual adventures.


kevingm kevingm
4 Responses Mar 7, 2010

add me - I would love to her your stores and ideas, especially concerning how you would choose to enjoy a woman--what you swould do to her and what she would do for you

Hey I'd love to chat with you, I'm female and looking for the same! x

Add me to the "Freaky" group. I love sex--talk, writing . Fantasy is can be very sexually exciting.

I read your post about wanting a freaky friend ....I love to hear about your freaky sexual adventures ...... i write erotic stories there are times i go through writers block ... i dont hold back so i dont want you to hold back OK???