since i first met him on EP a few months ago i have consistently talked to him almost every day about everything in my life. i don't think we go a day without mailing each other. and i would love more friends like him. it's really hard to find a friend you can talk so openly with about ANYTHING. that's a pretty difficult ask. so when you find an individual like that, hold on for dear life lol.
TheRealMimi TheRealMimi
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I listen & discuss many topics also.

Honestly its hard finding someone to really communicate with n that they really hear your heart and mind. I cherish rare gems like that n i actually found one in my sweet billy. It only took 35 years n a rocky past that he has accepted but each day i cherish him more.

And then he left.........and then he came back *smile*

yeah they are lifesavers.

There great arent they.Im really lucky to have more than one person like that.They have saved my life