I Would Like

to have many friends on this website even if i dont know you personally.
Im new to this website and i think its cool how people can get on and help each other out or give adive and share different stories.
I love to hear other people views on life and just everything.
add me, caue i dont know how to add people on here :/
lifesgood88 lifesgood88
4 Responses Nov 8, 2011

Yes honey I would love to converse with you on any subject that may be troubling you or you are wondering about. Im no intellectual but Ive been around a few years and have seen a lot and done a lot. Dont feel that you are alone in this world, because you are not. Hopefully I can be of some help to you. Feel free to ask.

On each person's profile their picture has an "ADD" box beneath it, click it, and you'll add them! (they then have to add you also)..<br />
Sometimes, the system will not allow because you haven't enough shared experiences or interests.. or (more particular to me) if the person I try to add is more 'innocent' than i am - I can't add them but they can add me. (go figure?!?!)<br />
Lol. Welcome to EP. there's MANY really Good people here.. and a few not so good... You'll sort it out soon enough though. :)

ive figureed it out..thanksthanks(:

I agree doll. Im brand new to this site n soooo excited to have a safe place to vent& express. U seem like someone i would enjoy hearing your opinions

thank you and i know i really enjoy reading what others say on here(:

i dont understnad why did you send me that link?