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I Want Some Friends

I want some friends to talk to, someone to talk to on the phone, go places one ever calls me or talks to me or invites me anywhere..I have no friends :(

deleted deleted 26-30 7 Responses May 12, 2010

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How can I get in touch with you? I have no particulars of yours.

Hey! If you're looking for people outside of EP, that's hard for me to say, really. The best thing I can think of is trying to be active and involved with the things that you really like. I mean, there's usually a club for everything, right? lol. I usually made most of my friends at work, which is someplace where I often come in contact with people. But the real answer to it all is just be you, try to put on a smile and let people know that you're a genuine person. I'm sure you'll catch somebody's eye. Otherwise, looks like you've already got a lot of people hitting you up on EP! I'm always available if you want to message me too! Best wishes! i want to talk to u always +0233208976313

I'm in the same boat, my friend. I'm always here for an ear.

I'll be your friend... I love making new friends! <br />
<br />

Lets be friends, I think youre awesome already

Hi there,<br />
<br />
I'm here if you would like to talk. I too need someone to talk to!