I am a grad student, living with my girlfriend. She has a job that has her working a lot, leaving a lot of alone time for me. I like to play video games, read books, play tennis, and other stuff, but you can only do it for so long, you know? I don't have many friends, but I joined this to maybe get to know some people and change that fact. 
RedSkittle RedSkittle
5 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Thanks for all the support and comments! I haven't been on this site to often since joining it, but it is a nice release to be able to read other people's thoughts, write down my own, and see what other people think about your situation!

that makes me feel pretty good seeing a bunch of responses like this. Hope you find what you need. If not, I also like video games, I used to play tennis and still like it, love books... also have a gf, but i'm away right now, and i won't see her for another month! Anyway, we've got some points in common. If you ever feel like it, here's another contact, just message me.

It's been two days since you said you needed a friend, I see you have been able to keep yourself busy huh?

I think you came to the right place. GOOOOOOOOOOO FOR IT AND ENJOY THIS SITE.

you can talk to me :)