Well basically im 17, and a female. I never really have been understood by anyone, because well im a different kinda person. i like to do things that no-one else would ever  think of doing. Im very out going and just love meeting new people. By people sometimes are worry of me, just because of the way i dress. So what if I like wearing pink skinny jeans with a yellow tank..i dont se how that has anything to do with the kinda person you are. i just like being different, and i love colors. I see nothing wrong with that. My family really dosent understand me either..and that hurts me the most. They act like they do but i can see they dont. I just have a different view on things and life. I never turn down a person in need and i always do what i can for people. I just love people, it makes me the happies person in the world to help others, with anything. Its what i do best. I love to listen. I never have judged a person , and when a person tells me something i wait to hear the whole storie before i give an honest opinion. I really see no point in lieing because in the end you'll have to tell the truth anyway. Anyway im rambling i just want a person that really listens to me, and trust me, and just is a friend to me even though im "strange"

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Your comments touched me because at your age I was a spitting image of that. I want to give you some advice. Be you. Be you and the best you can be. I know you want everyone to notice and say you are doing so well but they don't matter. You doing what is important and right for you is the most important. I am NOT a role model. I made a LOT of bad decisions. I have been exactly where you are right now. If you want advice or just someone to listen I will. I am at And will always respond, always care, and I hope with all my heart that you will continue reaching out and trying. Never give up. You will succeed by only never quitting. But the sad thing is that you don't always know when you quit til after you did

you are great!!

I completely understand you, i know where you're coming from because my mom thinks "I'm out there" too. Be yourself never change, embrace who you are.

loving yourself and doing what you want makes you an incredible person. <br />
Don't mind what other people thinks of you negatively. What's important is that you love yourself.<br />
You love who you are.<br />
<br />
You rock by being you. =)

You are a lovely and caring soul. And that is what makes a person real and have meaningful experiences in life. Being a teenager is very hard because you are forming you identity and exploring what everything is and what everything means. So if the core of you is loving and kind, then you are all set. Cuz that is the attitude to have. :-)

I find absolutly nothing wrong with wearing colorful outfits even if it is pink pants!! sometimes i dress up like a fairy or an indian and i go out in public and have a great time!! And your right about lying no piont in doing it the truth comes out in the end anyway.