New To This...

I'm 50 yrs old. I was laid off from my job of forever in '05. I went to school and got a degree. Graduated in 09-08, right when the economy fell apart. Couldn't find a job even with my degree. A number of events took place an I find myself now in a position as a caretaker. I never saw myself doing this kind of work. I'm too selfish. Or so I thought.

I find myself caring about this woman now and kinda pissed off that I can't have a job that I can just go to and then come home from. I am emotionally invested now. Was always told to never be emotionally be invested in your job. How can you not be in this line of work? How do I care but not care if anything happens to her? I don't like this. I'm not comfortable with this. I just want my old life back.

I know, I'm screwed up. She's old and I shouldn't be so selfish.


meldupree2006 meldupree2006
Jan 2, 2011