Things Are Looking Better :)

After a break up about a month ago, my ex told me she wanted me as a friend, but never put forth any effort in doing so even though I tried doing so with her. Today after about a month, I asked her to put some more effort into talking to me, but she said she wanted at least a year or two. I've been incredibly optimistic and happy lately out of sheer will and I had to get this one more negative thing out of my life. I told her we're done talking and that if she's going to treat me like crap, I don't want anything to do with her. I then told her to have a nice life, deleted her number, her AIM address, and when I have facebook again, I'm going to take her off. I finally feel liberated and happy again because I got this ball of negativity away from me. I feel great now. :D
Mar 25, 2011