I Dont Have Alot Of Friends.

i think we all need friends, but u need to be careful cause some can abuse your friendship. i learned that the hard way when i was living out in arenas valley new mexico usa.
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What happened?

well this person im not sayin her name, but anyway i had her dog for 8 months not once did she or her husband come check on their dog, they never helped me or my fiance out with the dog food. well one day my fiance let the dog out to go use the bathroom well it decided to take off, my fiance and i are callin the dog back it never comes back till this so called friend of mine at the time comes over and says we have her they never came out of their house when we were lookin for it they heard us callin the dog but never came out to help. sso when we do get the dog back my fiance told the dog that if u run off again we were callin the pound. my fiance said that out of anger but this so called friend said come on mia lets go **** these people. {mia is the dogs name} this was the first fight i had with this person.

That's very true, not all people know how to be a good friend.