No Others With Common Interest Is Hard >n<

it's not like i don't really have friends, it's just that i don't have one that have the same interest with me. it's getting hard when you can't share your thought with others and receive feedback, i know there's the internet and all but it's nice to actually talk it out with someone else.
I'm a gamer and a bit of 'otaku', it's not easy to find people like that in my social circle, when i start to talk about game or anime people just kind of say "yes i understand" or something... with a 'you're kind of weird aren't you?' expression..  it's just eating me cause i've never been able to find a friend to talk about these kind of things after all these years... hhhhh sry, i just want to let this out  
rocchimon rocchimon
1 Response Jul 26, 2011

While I was reading your story I Couldn't agree more..............I would like to be friends with you so if you like please friend me and you may message me also. I will get back asap . Hope to hear from you soon................Take care.