Well, my name is Abby and i am 14 years old, i live with my sister and my mother and dad, i actually have 2 sisters but i have one away for college :( i always fight with my sister because she never understands me. My mother is always watching TV or talking on the the phone or shopping or on Skype with my aunt, my dad is at work and he is starting to be not fun these days. I have plenty of friends at school but i feel that they are too small to understand my problems. I feel lonely all the time, its like i come back from school wanting to go back because of boredom. My mother never have time to listen to my problems, e.g i had a crush one day but she wasnt free to talk about anything, well i cant talk to my father about it, and my sister is mostly day-dreaming, well i had a big fight with her before she went to her friends house and the last thing she told me was I hate you :'( no one ever listens to my problems, even my best friend she is not free to listen to them too, ANY ADVICE?!

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Hi Abby! I feel your pain and I admire your reaching out at such a young age. I always kept things bottled up :/ I'm 20 now and dealing with some worse issues, but it's okay! I would be more than willing to listen to you! Just know there are always people who will be willing to hear you. I'm really new to this site so I'm not sure how it works yet, but respond and let me know!

Well, im really sad you feel that way too, i need advices about my sister, she always fights with me :(

Feel free to send my a private message about these questions! How old is your sister? How long has to fighting been going on? Is it about everything or just certain things? What types of things do you two speak about? And do you guys do anything at all together? It'll get better :)

I am sorry for what you are going through :(<br />
<br />
Hello there. I am 19 male. My name is Aakash Trivedi. I am from California. Would you mind if I gave you my number? nothing weird but if you ever want to talk or vent or rant about anything, you can call me or text me. If you feel bored or lonely, you can call or text me? 1 408 772 8919. I hope I can hear from you soon. :) Just tell me who you are. haha

Thank you :)
Well, what do you say if we talk online :)

I would say sure :D

sorry here to talk if you want and i may be old but i still have not forgot what it was like to be a kid <br />
<br />
my toys just cost more and then as a child from 11 on i had my other half and we had lots of fun walking the line between adult and child

well, i age doesn't really matter to me, its just that i want someone to tell them what i did today what i will do my plans my hopes my dreams my problems :(