I Miss Having Friends

I have a loving husband and a 2 loving children, but i miss having a friend to talk to, i have so many people around me, but nobody to talk to, to have girly time with, i see all the people i used to be close friends with on facebook all close with there friends doing things it makes me so sad, i know i should be gratefull for having a loving husband and two children but i feel i have lost me, i would even know how to be a friend, i recebtly got married and my family was there, but i didn't have any friends there. i feel that i shut people out because im scared of being hurt, apart from work and my kids i dont have anything else to talk about. my husband is currently away with his friends for a week it just reminds me of how lonely i am, nobody to call nobody to talk to.
slc85 slc85
May 17, 2012