I Wish I Had Someone..

Ever since me and my former best friend drift apart, ive always been alone. If u wanna know about that read (Best Friend..Yea Right?!)
Anyways, Yea i had some close friends but when i was in HS i was always alone. When i was in HS i didnt realize it cuz my mind was always busy with school stuff. I didnt really care if i was alone or i was fine with it. Now that my mind is wondering, I think about it all the time. I always ask myself why am i alone? What do i need to do to have a good friend? It sucks to think about it..i try not to think about it that much cuz i get emotional, i hate that. Ive always told myself Im fine being alone i dont need that but right now its hard to say that..if i ever do say that i would be lying. I know once i start college and move out of this miserable town i will make new friends. I cant wait for that, but then im scared what if college is the same as HS, I dont want that. Im just hoping it isnt. Right now i cant go out with a friend cuz i got none,I just stay in my house. I got alot of online friends which feels nice cuz they r soo awesome.I think my online friends r the only ones that r keeping me from crying about not having personal friends. It would be cool if i can hang out with them in person even if im socially awkward most of the time, im not a people person but i try. My ideal friend would be supportive, honest,nice,trustworthy, and have stuff in common with me. I want a friend that is there and we grow old being friends. Like what u see on tv, i know some friendships dont last but it would be awesome if mine would, just for the sake that i dont have friends now. We'll see maybe i will have that ideal best friend i want soo much or this what im living now is the rest of my life. i hope not!
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hope you have a best friend that your able to be totally yourself with and share with each other, openly and honestly,