Alone And Depressed

After a bad relationship I think it's finally over. I've been sad and depressed for several weeks, and I don't understand why this guy affected me so much, after att the s*** he put me through. I let him ended it, and not even then could he be man enough to say. I've ended it so many times, and every time he made me feel bad for "leaving him" when he needed me.
I wasn't a perfect gf, but I did do a lot for him and now that I need him, he just abandoned me to be with some other girls. And I just need someone to talk to and listen, just be there and I'd happily do the same thing back.
I just need support and get things out of my chest, I've been so sad I can't even cry anymore. But every morning I wake up with zero happiness.
Nikki8319 Nikki8319
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2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

I just ended a really distructive relationship too. It is very painful. Maybe what we need is to have a man "fast"... lol. I'm really looking for a girl to talk to and share feelings and ideas with. I have too many friends that are guys, which is great at times but not right now. I hope we can talk together and share burdens. I have a feeling it will release some of the pain, knowing that there is someone out there that cares and is willing to listen. So... I'm offering. :) I'm here if you want to talk. It would be wonderful to be your friend. :)

I'm so sorry you are hurting this way. Friends are so important and at a time like this is when you need them the most. I have to say tho that the one thing you do not need at all is this man to come back into your life, not for any reason at all. I'm here to listen if you need to vent, feel free to add me to your circle :)

I know that, my brain knows that... but my heart still hopes, you know. He lied, cheated, made decisions that affected us both in bad ways, he threatened me, my family and friends when he was angry. But when he was sad and depressed I was there to listen and help. And now he's just screwing me over.