I Just Want Someone To Talk To

I'm looking for someone who understands what im going through and wants to just talk. I struggle with self harm and depression. Message me for my kik if your genuinely interested in making a real friend. Thanks for reading.
mizzbelle97 mizzbelle97
13-15, F
4 Responses Nov 25, 2012

My message box is always open! :)

Hello, I would love to become friends. I struggled with depression and self-harm at one point as well. Message me sometime.

don't worry anymore because I come for you. I can be your friend and I can talk with you any time in anywhere. Because I am also someone like you

Sure, let's talk. I've been through that before as well, not sure I'll be of any help, but I'm here

thanks. Whenever I try talking to people on here I usually end up being a bit boring but i want someone who i can talk to and listen to ya know?

Yup. (: My message box is always open!

thank you