Someone, Please, Listen

My boyfriend and I have been fighting a lot. Small stuff that escalates into shouts and insults. I just transfered to the other side of the country and I'm all by myself here. I've got no one to talk to. No new friends; the old ones are busy. I just need someone to clear my head because I'm starting to doubt if I want to stay in my relationship. But my boyfriend is the only one constantly talking to me and I love him. But we just keep fighting. And God I'm so confused. Please, someone, listen.
mrvillamor mrvillamor
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Sometimes.... I also found I've been put in positions where it seems nobody is there for me..those are the times i work on myself...if your boyfriend is being a DOUCHE because he knows he can...why do you keep talking to him? Do you even know anything about yourself outside of him anymore? What do you like? What do you want to do with your life? What do you want to work on and learn? I know this sounds weird but if you were to start truly working on yourself and not pay attention to anything else ...all of a sudden it will seem like everyone and everything is going to get in your way...It's weird..It seems when you try to work on yourself and make yourself a better person...there is always someone who is willing to come along and mess it all up...Mark my words..Just for fun..try it as a social experiment and see what happens..if nothing else you'll learn alot more about you and the people who you associate with...Hope that helps!