Just Tired Of Feeling Lonely

I'm married but at times i get very lonely. I had friends but since i moved to the U.S. i haven't had what you would call a real friend. I just want someone to talk to, someone that i can share stories with or maybe hang out with. I've tried alot of websites but they always turns out to be dating sites and nasty freaks. I'm just tired of feeling alone with no friends.
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Thank you guys for your advices. I will hold on to them and work on my "making new friends skills". Thanks again.

My friends are very important to me, and I would be lonelier than I am without them. It is not easy to develop friendships. You can make friends here online, but it isn't the same. You need a friend that you can just call and talk to and be with. You probably won't find that online. You need to put yourself out into the world into places and situations where you can meet other people. Maybe it is work or school or something like that. If you have an interest in doing something like an activity or a hobby, then find other people who like the same thing. You need to work to make friends. You seem like a very nice person by what you write, and you are honest about how you feel. Just showing that part of you makes you more appealing and will draw others to you.

Hey there own what you mean but I'm in England .you moved to the USA where did you come from originally .have you tried joining a club where you live

I moved from the Bahamas. Im not much of a social person i pretty much stay to myself. Especially when I'm new somewhere.

how cool so how are you finding the usa so far then .. aww I can understand that myself but I'm sure a stunning girl like you have a bf or husband to take you by the hand and help you out .. mostly we are all the same shy as Hell out in the real world and superhumans online maybe in 50yrs time no one will be talking outside the home hehe .... you have to but a mask on and try your best go to a gym or something or just have a chat with your hairdresser I know its so much easier staying online .. that's life tho getting worse and worse outside this walls of our homes .. so what do you enjoy do you like listening to music watching films going for a bike ride maybe .. so have you never really been much of a social person or just since moving but well done for doing that I'm sure that's one big shock tk the body just upping sticks out moving like that so well done you