I'm 29 I've been through more bad then most my age. For starters I have 3 children n I'm raising 2 brothers my parents r deceased n I'm divorced of10years b/c he was on drugs n hitting me. Well he passed away last year bad car wreck almost lost my babies . What can I say that doesn't even scrape the beginning of my story like I said I'm lost . Need a friend.
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26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Keep writing and reading, and sharing if you can...it's not an answer, but sometimes it's helpful to know you're not alone in life's struggles

I will talk to you.

Its hard to talk n this is my 1st attempt to actually reach out . Never signed up on one of these sights before very private but something has to change I feel like I'm dieing on the inside.

This is my first time too. I normally push the feeling deep into my heart. But, that doesn't fix anything. I just want someone too talk to. just like you I am dying too.