I Love The Life I Chose, But I Forgot I Needed Friends

Ive had a long life. It's been a struggle, but I wouldn't change a thing.
Growing up, I had a solid group of friends ( of which I still chat with) but when 17 years old came around with a high school diploma... I headed for big city living and college.
I worked my way through school (I was anything but a trust fund baby) and found myself married in this time to my high school sweet heart who decided to join the Army. I finished schooling in the south and continued to move around the united states even after my divorce. Yes, I said divorce.

I am now married again, years later, much smarter.... to a Navy man. (Can't stay away from military men I guess?) Actually, I grew up with my new husband, so the military had nothing to do with it. :) Anyway, you can imagine that I have moved around quite a bit!

I have a great career and I love my life. At the end of the day, I miss having a friend. Sure, at first you catch up on reading, quiet time, yoga, arts and crafts... but after a while, you need interaction that is outside of a professional setting and although I am married, more often than not, my husband is deployed.

It would be nice to laugh with someone. Or talk to someone that isn't my dog or an employee. I miss that, it's what makes life full.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I hear ya! I was engaged and now Im not. I moved from all my friends after high school and seem to not have anyone. Im here to talk. Went through depression after my break up and wish I had someone to talk with. I can provide a listening ear and friendship.

I know the feeling. Like me, you like many of your choices and things about your life but there are gaping holes there that you dont remember choosing, such as not having people who understand what you experience day to day and who you can just contact without need for explanation or special occasion at those times when you need to share your experiences, or just to know these people are a phone call or a keyboard away or whatever.
The energy provided by just being in the sphere of other people is a fairly underestimated thing I feel. I guess we are are talking about positive energy mostly. Though if you are lonely enough, even being around people who are not always positive can feel better than having none at all...People, just like lions, were not designed to be alone all the time. Unfortunately the professions of your chosen hubby(s) are amongst the most isolating for a wife...I speak from experience in a way as my sister went through this with her naval ex husband. Plus I had a long distance relationship in the ancient past myself, which have similar dynamics. Congratulations on finding out there is more to you and to life than having career, house, car furnishings, etc...this is an important day in your life and getting to know yourself !