I Want New Friends

I have friends, but they can sometimes be awkward & can get annoying/mean-ish. Every time I wanna hang out with one of them I have to do all the "work" (set up a time, place, get them a ride...). Most of them live in the same area so they don't have to do as much "work" as me. My dad thought about moving up to that area, but the houses are expensive & the apartments are small & expensive. I am also self conscious & an introvert (& kinda a hipster) so it makes it harder for me because I won't hang out with one of them at a birthday party with their other friends or like a pool... Anyways, I listen to a lot of music & feel like I know the artists personally, & wish we could be friends. I just wish I could find people like me who share my interests. I'm too scared to go on Craigslist or some other friend finding site because I've heard so many rape/kidnapping stories. I just keep telling myself that once I go to college, I'll meet people who are like me & who understand me. If you are in my situation, I hope reading this made you feel better & best of luck to you :)
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Jan 20, 2013