Need An Ear Sometimes

I have grown to reserve my every thought to myself more now. I used to blab whatever I was feeling at that moment, but sometimes people would blab to others and then my thought would b announced to the whole freakin world. I was a good friend to all of my friends, don't understand why I keep on feeling betrayed. I used to have soooo many friends then it just got out of hand. I have become a homebody more so now. I am happy and my husband is a great guy but some times I need to release my thoughts. I would like to love To have that through here. I am always a good listener also.
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I too have felt this way often enough. Always being the dependable and trusted friend, but not having those values reciprocated? Staying on the positive side, but your "friends" seem to take this as a free pass to never ask you if your okay? Thinking I want to tell him/her blah blah, but thinking twice. Who know how it will be received. It seems we all want the same thing, to be cared for, to be cared about, and yet it seems only pets can provide this comfort. I just cant give up on people yet. I love my cat like a child, but she is a cat. Lol!

hello carebear,

I am here, let`s share our stories, would love to have someone to talk to openly and honestly, share experiences and get a second opinion on things.

Write me!

I feel exactly the same everyone always wanted me to keep their stories of emotion s privately n then announce mine. Sometimes it is unbearable to hold everything in but who are u suppose to confide in when u can't trust anyone?

I have had a few of my friends for years one since I was aged 10 the other since my 1st year in high school and my best friend for the past 13 years. I am always there on 24hr call and nothing is ever too much for me. I am an only child so my friends are very prescious to me. I had an emotional break down in Jan and did something I never did, phoned a friend didn't expect her to come to me I would just pop in for coffee. No sorry I am going to the gym (I was crying when I phoned) I can see you at lunch time and that was 3hrs later. Phoned the other friend (still crying) sorry I'm seeing another friend in hospital but I can see you next week wed.<br />
So I know now I will continue being the friend I always have been but also know they won't be the same friend to me. What I want u to know is if u do make me a friend I will always read what you say with my heart and always write back. It takes being a friend to have a friend. I wish you all the best and hope to hear from u soon.

I cannot stand a "fair weather" friend,, they know where you are when they have a problem, need a ride, watch their kids and pets, need money or a shoulder to cry on, well **** on them, I need those things too, but I guess these types of "friends" just dont give a crap.. so here i am, early 40's, living in a new place and new part of the state, and can proudly say that most of my friends live in my computer,, omg,, im pathetic.. :)

Maybe you can at least exchange phone numbers with the computer friends you have. Then go out with them if they're in the area.

I think we all learn that at some point, just some before others..........time to get everything back into balance and keep certain things to your, ourselves........ ep is a good place to gain an ear....... I'm just getting used to it..........<br />
Remember these words......... always keep them guessing!

a good friend really hard to come...

I always wanted friends. But they were always around when they needed me. When I needed a friend they were to busy or run around telling my problems. A good friend is hard to come by.