I've only recently come to realize how lonely I am.  I only have one occasional visitor and she only comes to ask me for money.  She isn't a lover, I'm afraid she smokes crack.  I think it might be the depression that keeps me isolated.  The loneliness started about the same time everything lost its shine.  I quit performing and entertaining and quit my job and all my blinds are drawn down.  This site is my social life and I'm very glad it's here,.  I've met the kindest and most supportive people, since I started visiting. It would be nice to get together for coffee though.
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Wow. that was 7 years ago. I'm thinking things are better now. I hope so anyway. *hugs*

yes they are

yes, that was almost 2 years ago

I hope things are different for you now ..?

Right ! When our emptiness accepts The Reality that is God, and the inevitability of death, in a healthy way, then the ability to grow is available.

what's halfway between the gulf and Alberta? I'll meet you there at lunch time (one day)...

I wish I had the words you needed. . . but I do not! I cannot get out of this hole. Not a nice way to put it. But my life is over but I wish good things for you.<br />
Maybe my next one will be better! See Ya!

I'll be isolated with you... we could write songs, poety, and anything you wanted.... I can make you laugh... you can make me laugh... we will end up loving won't be so lonely....

I understand your loneliness. I've been out of school for a whole year. Saw a friend or two twice during that whole time. Been with my family all year. Ready to go back to school.

Tea would be nice, huh? I think you could use a hug...<br />

Well, I appreciate that. In retrospect, I thought I was whining, but it's true , and I guess it's OK to whine here.

Man life seems hopeless sometimes dont it? Im only 20 so im sure i dont even know the half of it. Stay strong though man ive been through a rough patch lately too but it does get better with time.