Do People That Fit The Term "Friend" Really Exist Anymore?

I seriously have my doubts, I am floating on this empty raft called life, just waiting for the sharks to close in, but damn, they take their sweet *** time, I guess even they don't want me.
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Hell yeah we exist, "I'll be your huckleberry!" or Je Suis votre airelle :)

I wonder the same. I feel like I will never find a real "friend", so I've given up on trying to find one.

I tell people I don't want to have a true best friend, but truthfully I do so much. It's hard not to give up because I've been betrayed so deeply (more than once) by a close friend. It can hurt when your heart is broken by someone you care for so much.
I know someday I might find a real true friend, I haven't completely given up yet. :)

And thank you, I hope you are enjoying your weekend as well!

There are other people such as yourself that are lonely too. So please never feel that you are alone. I find it hard myself. I am a 61 year old man, married now 23 years and no kids. many of the young are often afraid of the old. I was never brought up to talk about sex or the facts of. may be that is why some are so hard to communicate with.
I am always looking for new friends, however sometimes i am a very boring. well at least I think that I am.
Hope that your day is going good for you, and is filled with smiles and a few laughts along the way.

You are totally right, I have made a few friends on hear, although it says that I have more. I like to talk to fiends, but things happen, and they seem to no longer to me, for whatever the reason.
A few I have gotten to know quite well, and I do enjoy talking to them, and them me. But it is hard to talk to people and especially the girls. I try to be nice, I was never brought up to talk that sex talk, like many do. But that is who I am.

But that is part of this site, some want friendships, some do not. But you take your chances when you meet someone, you just hope that you make a good choice.

Yes true friend or hard to find if you ever need to talk or just vent then i will listen or just talk to

there are a few of us