I Feel So Trapped. ...

I feel so trapped. I usually talk to my sister, but I can only do it when she is free. And I feel claustrophobic and depressed when she isn't available. I can't really talk to any of my other friends for the same reason, worse yet is that I talk to my boyfriend...but he is who I need to talk about. I can't even talk to my parents because they are so biased and unhappy themselves, they tend to skew my thinking. So I am left alone to talk to the computer.
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You know talking to a computer isn't so bad. You find sometimes it's a great outlet, it has worked well for me. I am able to move past things that I would normally be hung up on. The people on this site have been a great help too. Hit anyone up and you will find a helpful person who has most likely been in your shoes.

im pretty much the only girl in my family..my mom isnt home much and we fight alot, the only other people are my brother(who is my moms minion and tells her everything), or my dad who i love and all but somethings he doesnt see the same as me. i dont know who i can trust with things when i try and tell friends. especially when its about my boyfriend because i dont want him to hear something i say to them and freak out. its very strange how alot of my deepest conversations are with people thousands of miles away..<br />
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if you want to talk to someone ill talk to you :)

sounds like me. I usually talk to my sister but there are some things i cant talk to her about because of her viewpoint on them, and the same with other friends,.