So Many Friends, So Little Familiarity

i have so many friends too. all of them care dearly for me, me and treasure me. buit i cant go up to them and tell them just what is bothering me. if i do, they will treat me differently. the thing is, all my friends dont know what is bothering me. i dont want them to know. if they do, they will feel inclined to treat me in a special way. i dont want that privilige. i just want to be the same person they have known all their lives. they dont know what goes on in my head. i have so many friends to talk to. but none will understand. if they do, they will ask me, "r u ok?"and i dont want to answer that question

because im unsure of the answer myself.

TeeVee TeeVee
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 4, 2007

I agree I think your closest friends would be good people to open up to and trust with whatever you are going through.<br />
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I was really drawn to your story based on the title. I think many many people can identify with that idea of being surrounded by friends but still feeling lonely in the sense that you can't tell them about the things most important, terrifying, or defining to you. It's something that I think a lot about in my life too....

You should try to confide in one friend that you think can handle what you have to tell them.You never know, I could really help you. If they are a true friend they will be there for you.