Friends and Acquaintances

I have a few friends ...and alot of acquaintances ...but the acquaintances are just that ..and the friends,well,I always feel like calling them and telling them everything that is bothering me ,but I never do.....

I know they would listen..and probably care.

I don't want to bother them I guess and I feel like they think anxiety and depression is something you choose and it is in my head and I could just not be like this if I wanted.....which is so far from the truth....what i wouldn't give to not feel this way !!! lol

so I guess I am looking for friends here who can relate because I have none in my everyday life.
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I totally understand how you feel! I know my friends would [probably] listen if I told them how sad I do be.. but because they're usually either very happy or else have their own issues, I just hate to bother them with things. Especially things that are extremely hugely important to me, but may seem minor to them. I'm here if you ever ever want to talk. Listening to other peoples' problems makes me feel much better about myself.. [i dont mean that i love to see others sad!].. it makes me feel like i'm not the only person in the world with problems.. and I'm not the only one who is depressed or feeling alone. So, seriously, any time. =]

I can totally relate... I hate boring (or feeling like I'm boring people) with my depression problem<br />
So that's why i don't wanna go after my friends to tell them everything.<br />
A few years ago i expressed my depression through writing... and it would go away.. for a while at least....<br />
and when it did go away (for the most- a month) i was able to find myself some really true friends.<br />
One of them is my best friend... maybe you need to find your distraction...<br />
<br />
=)<br />
I'm a good listener too!<br />
So anytime.. I'm here!

Depression and anxiety aren't something you can just choose to go away, it takes work! Good luck!

I know what you mean. I often feel that I am boring people when I tell them about My depression and related issues.. that they are sitting there thinking 'not that again'. I'm a good listener too. :-)