Loss of loved ones is to be expected as we get older. Dosnt make it easier though. I have lost alot. And still young. In heart atleast. I am looking for some advise as how to cope without drinking myself to death. Please
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AND GOD HAS SPOKEN!!! Hello, their are many ways to deal with this "short-term" depression. You need to see the death of the loved one differantly. death to me is not something to fear or to be upset abou.t The one you loved is free from things like debt sadness stress and begins to have a great eternal life away from these earthly pains we all endure. and i know that all they could want for you is to get up and enjoy the funs of being here that they can not have and when it comes time they will be waiting to throw u a party but lie any party showing up early blows the funn so keep our head up and have fun (without the drinking) go sky diving or travel things they didnt get to enjoy let them enjoy it as they watch over you from the higher sky above and get to see your smiling face as you experience these adventures.

Really???!!!!! Whats that supose to mean? I mean...... i am an ordained paster and i wouldnt even tell someone that. Skydiving? Come on. Thanks for the reply though.

Sex is no different than an addiction. you can be freed of it to trade for another habit. for example. cocaine addicts to help some stop doing the drug they skydive why because sky diving released the same amount of dopamine in their brain as doing cocaine did. sex does the same. it releases dopamine in the brain causing stimulation. so finding a hobby that gives off the same joy and dopamine as sex did for you can stop the urge for sex without giving up the marriage or giving up on sex.