A New Friend Is Gold

It is hard to talk to people and make friends. i am shy. i am a good listener.  But i really need to talk to friends. I wasn't a girl scout but the saying goes. an old friend is gold and a new friend is silver. silver and gold. but to me a new friend is gold. a friend is someone special. someone to share your feelings. someone who is there for you. a friend is like a sister that i never had. or a brother that i miss very much.  your friendship to me is gold.

Taormina Taormina
56-60, F
3 Responses Jul 11, 2009

It doesn't matter whether they're old friends or new friends.<br />
We're all Lead, and we don't get to be Gold until we learn how. And we can't learn that on your own.

Friends come and go in your life. You have a lot of good points and I'm sure that you would make an excellent friend. Having a sibling doesn't mean that you are going to have a friend in them. Many people grow up and wind up not speaking to their brothers/sisters due to marriage, distance, or just not liking each other. We can write each other on this website about this topic!!!

I'm 24 and just recently feeling the change of friends going away. Important reasons I'd assume: Marriages, fights, distant colleges now job oppurtunities etc. It's a little sad but all you can do is make others and hope thy last just as long. The good thing about having "had" friends you can easily pick up on the qualities of some of the new ones. You'll quickly know what person is up to your standards or can at least tolerate you. <br />
<br />
I miss my best friend, but there will be others.