Someone Who Actually Cares

I am 27 years old and feel like I have no friends. I don't know if it is my depression or what, but I don't have anyone and I feel empty. If I just had a person, whether it be next door or online who cared enough to ask me how I was when I got home or just make sure I got home OK, that would make things so much better. I put on a great mask at work, but truly I am a very lonely person.

TiffMH TiffMH
6 Responses Feb 15, 2010

from one lonely person to another. hi :) how was your day? btw. thanks for commenting on my story. it made me smile.

I am 24 years old. Sometimes I feel that damn solitude (and In that times I feel really down)...but most of the time I enjoy being alone on myself...maybe the reason is I try to fix myself when I am alone. the other reason is I am a quite shy person and I feel embarrassed in the crowd...<br />
If u need a friend, I am ready to be one at least in the computer! feel free to add me :)<br />
Best Wishes<br />
PS: Some of my suggestions; If u want to love and be loved by someone else, try to love urself first!, change ur Photo to :"welcome to my dream"! I mean be more positive, Believe me it works...try it!

ya need friends it's becoming more of a chaotic, violent, lonely world. All you need is LOVE and well a real person around to laugh with. mm hmm

come add me. get to know me. my heart is as oversized as my ears.

I am in the same place right now. I find that embracing all the things that I can do byself that I would be uncomfortable doing with some else around helps me. I just remember to take it one day at a time. Some days I'm really down but most days I am just fine. Heck, sometimes I love being alone.

TiffMH, having a friend is very important, having on you know cares, and can rely on his very rare. I have felt the way you feel now, and for the most part, I still do feel that way. It is amazing, us as human beings can be surrounded by people, and still be utterly alone.<br />
<br />
I hate feeling alone. I hate being alone. Just like you. It's not wrong to have a friend, and it's not wrong to help a complete stranger through a hard time. So. I am here to help, even if by being only text on a monitor. I can be your friend. :D