Looking For Someone

Hi this is one of my first posts on this website. My name is Nathan and I am 20 years old. I live in Michigan. The reason I am really posting on here is just to find some people to talk to, because I don't really have any of those in my life. I don't have any friends really, and no one to talk to. I never ever thought I would go onto a site like this, but I feel like I am at a breaking point. I've struggled with depression my entire life, but recently it has reached unbearable levels. I'm alone all day every day. No one ever calls or texts me unless it's about work or something stupid. I feel like a giant failure with no potential. The silence of being alone all the time is killing me and I'm desperate to make a real true friend.  I'm hoping that maybe someone who reads this will be curious enough to send me a message. Thanks!

nate3702 nate3702
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

hey hi ...im lynne and you can call on me anytime

hello my new friend, if i may call you my friend my name is shakeema and i promise 2 be your friend.