I Hurt A Friend

  One day at school i drew a picture about my friend how she hurt her neck, i was just trying to be funny but then she got mad at me. Later on she apologized to me, but she keep ignoring me that way. The only time she talks to me is when she is not with her other friends. I feel so guilty, should i apologize to her one more time?

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I'm a certified child/adolescent psychiatrist, and you have found a great community of support here in EP. As for your friend, it's not the apology that's at issue, but where you both stand as far as your friendship is concerned ... you need to pull her aside and be up front and say that you're getting mixed signals from her and want to know if you're still friendl? If she says no, at least you know where you stand and YOU can move on, even though it will hurt a lot and make you feel horrible ... so come to EP and talk about it ...there is a great group that which I start "I Want To Write Poetry From My Soul" - a place to bear your inner most fears, loneliness and pain in and style of poem you like and the group will surround you because many were or are cutters, or going though tough times emotionally, some even dealing with suicide ... and there are kids your age here too - I'm going to ask a friend who is 13 if she will get in touch with you. And of course you can write me any time just as a friend about anything, although I still must treat it as confidential. Social structure at your age is very complex!<br />
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Lawrence Elliott, MD

no i don't think you should aplogise again but if you think you should then go right ahead. first ask your self what did you do? ask was it hurtful? would it have been hurtful if it was you? if it was hurtful did i mean to hurt her? u answer each question and then answer ur question about wanting to know if you should apologise again.. is it something she would have done???? if yes she is not a good friend to be mad at something she would have done.............<br />
PS. i'm new to this site so if you have resolve your problem i'm happy 4 u if not try my solution