I Could Use a Friend

Today I realised that the people I call my friends aren't really friends in the sense that I believe friends should be.

One friend I tell everything. I trust her completely. And in being trustworthy, she is a good friend. But she doesn't seem to trust me, to trust any of us. She doesn't tell us much, and even when she does, she omits names and details, so the people she agonises about, the people who break her heart, the people who hurt her could be anybody. She doesn't trust me with that information and it makes me wonder why. Does she think I'm going to leak the information? Does she think I'll think less of her? Does she think I'm not worth it?

I don't know. But learning that you might just have one friend, or two, isn't a great experience. I need someone to listen. Someone to listen to. Someone to trust. And someone to trust me. Friendship's a two-way street and somewhere along the way, someone's forgotten that.
squishedbanana squishedbanana
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3 Responses Dec 14, 2007

Ok I dont know why your friend doesnt share details. But I am like that. I dont use names cause often times its not the names of who did what that is causing me pain its the actions. I also dont like to point fingers. I am diplomatic if you will. Perhaps its the same with your friend.

Hey, I've told my best mate before that he can feel totally safe telling me anything and we tell each other everything, even stuff that might lower the opinion of ourselves. It's great what I have and I don't know how girls "friendship systems" work but I have 1 best friend, a group of close friends (who pair up) and some friends of friends of neighbor's friends. I'd really like to hear how it works for you and good luck anyway. Message me.

Well I recently realized the same thing but for different reasons. I'm the one people rely on, and recently I needed a shoulder and guess whta, there wasn't a single person there to listen. I guess not everybody consider frindship inthe same way. Really, I can't wait to find someone to care for and that cares for me... Good luck to you!