Merry Meet, I am a spiritual pagan witch and live by the sea in the UK, I am married so not looking for sex or anything like that,although I'm happy to talk about anything at all. I am British and would love to have more friends, especially pen pals by e-mail or even text in UK.
Male or female I am not bothered but please note although i am a crossdresser I am not gay, I have taboos but not gay so please don't contact me like that, i am very happy in my marriage, but a friend would be great. add me, get my e-mail and off we go.
speak soon, bright blessings and merry part
Drewscapegoat67 Drewscapegoat67
46-50, M
1 Response Feb 28, 2016

I am in US . Pagan witch .... Fascinating! I would like to chat.

feel free to message me i will give you my email

Ok thanks so much!