A Tutuor Needed...

I guess I need sort of a tutuor right now. A tutor that could show me where is the pleasure of being analed. I've been using with my wife's ***** several times for my ***, but I never had the pleasure. So I think this must be done with the real man. Maybe more adrenaline might help. I've been thinking lately that I think I'm bi. Cause I like to see man's **** and wud love to lick it until it spurts its *** on my face, and I wud also love to do french kiss with a man too. So if you guys planning to visit Bali or maybe you are staying in Bali, you could contact me and teach me where is the pleasure.
marbun marbun
31-35, M
2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

The thing with a real **** is that you are not controlling the sensation. Its an awesome feeling when that **** enters you. You tense up for a second then relax and the feeling is such a rush. You can really feel how turned on he is through his thrusting and sliding in and out of your ***. I have *** from being ****** without touching myself. such a great feeling. Enjoy !!!

Wow, Bali eh? How cool is that? I'd love to visit and show you the ropes (and how they're used), but Murphy's law of the internet is in play: the cuter they sound, the further away they are. sucks, yeah?<br />
Anyway, good luck on your exploration. I hope that you experience what you want to find, and very soon.