Four Hand Massage

A couple of weeks ago I had an email from my favourite tantra masseuse saying that she had found another masseuse so could now offer a four-handed massage. I said “great” and quickly arranged a two hour session for a few days later.

I arrived at the agreed time and was greeted warmly by S~, my usual masseuse, who then introduced me to A~. Both were dressed in gauzy outfits decorated with bells and tinkling charms. S~ is tall and blond in contrast A~ is shorter with dark hair. This was to be my first “normal” tantra session with S~ and I quickly noticed a few changes from our usual “Shiva & Shakti” routine. Firstly, there was a massage table set up instead of a mattress on the floor, then, I was left to undress and wash myself. When I was ready the ladies came back, still fully dressed, another difference.

I lay on the table and settled myself, breathing as I had been taught. S~ and A~ stood on either side of the table, their hands arrayed from my neck down my back. I bought my breath into sync with S~’s breathing, focused all my attention on the position of their hands. Soon, they began to move, working in harmony, stroking my body, my legs & my arms. I usually try to focus on the masseuse’s hands to stop attention wandering to other subjects but this time I could not, there were too many! Sometimes I could tell which hand was whose – A~’s are smaller and even warmer than S~’s -but often I could not and I gave up. They used feathers and material to vary the sensations on my body. The best part was when they leaned over so that their hair swept from my feet to head and back again. Eventually it was time to turn over. I saw that the ladies were now topless. They began again, working in a sequence similar to the one on my back, but now my penis was exposed – and hard – they worked on that too. At one point I drifted off to sleep – how this happens when two attractive women, half-naked, are stroking my **** is a mystery – but woke before the end. Finally, sadly, the massage ended.

The experience had been more intense than previous massages but I think ultimately I prefer the Shiva meets Shakti session for sheer joy and pleasure. Perhaps I will try that four-handed!
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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

The more hands the merrrier, particularly with Tantric I would imagine.

IN my experience the sheer physical sensation of four experienced, sensitive and highly trained hands on my body is overwhelming. Just wonderful. Like you say, you can no longer visualize what they are doing to you and whose hand is whose, so it becomes even more hypnotic. However, the sense of communication with the masseuse is somewhat lost, or at least dluted. And some of the attention and concentration of the two women goes to each other rather than to you. So in the end it's less satisfying as a whole experience.<br />
<br />
Even so, I've promised myself a 6-hand massage when I can afford it, maybe on my birthday. That really must be something...