A Dream Enough To Scare You Still.

I'm tired. My eyes show it. No matter how happy i pretend to be I can not fool anyone anymore. I'm only 20 years old and I have worked full time for the past 6 years. I never had a real childhood cause I spent my life doing homework, going to bed, Finishing chores, listening to whatever my parents told me to do. Which was just about everything. And their excuse was they worked all day. On top of that moving around in my younger years following my fathers job.  I have always lived under others rules, folded to society, done whatever I was told was acceptable, never going against the grain that I so Longed to oppose.   Thanks to that, I have grown up to become split into two beings. Myself, the me that everyone see's as a hard working acceptable young man who knows responsibility and understands the world. And Fayt, the me who so desperately wants to strike out, Be my own person, say what i want to say, push situations the way I want them to go, and find trouble or excitement In what ever form It may come. Fayt is my true self. Not the Hallow empty shell I am everyday. Fayt is my inside self.   I've hidden behind my mask for so many years. I want a life where I can Do whatever i please, express my opinions whenever I have them. I want a life filled with adventure where I don't know how people will react, where I will end up, what will happen to me. A life where I can laugh, play, dance, sing, Run, even lay outside on a hillside somewhere in the rain without a worry about what others will think.  It's a dream I desire more  then everything I have now. If you share the same feeling, Join this group. or fan it w.e, and post you're story to share.

Doug6789 Doug6789
18-21, M
Feb 24, 2010