Soon Enough

I actually begun to really fall in love with a gal (although they id as genderqueer) before I could acknowledge my same sex feelings.

Part of it was my household raising, my fear, and some very mistaken beliefs that if that if I paid attention to part of of my attraction I might lose the other, or even that if I had a positive, beneficial relationship that my attractions might pan out in a singular manner. Belief along lines made me suppress myself for years.

Both of these beliefs were stupid and delusional. But, I was part right, having the support of that good relationship helped me be strong and honest. And there was no catastrophe either. Those who love me mostly still do, and those who cannot, well that is their burden...

So now I am looking to see how far this goes. I'm a point where I just want to try some things. I'm defining relationship pretty loosely here, no pressure. Don't know what it will be or how serious I want it yet.

I'm smart, creative, thoughtful, philosophical, and open to many things. I'd love to talk if you want. I'm also on okc and FL. Speaking to the FL part, I tend to be very kinky, subby, masochistic. I assume this is true at core and will hold when I find an interesting man or men, oh yes, I am also ethically non-monogamous.

xjustjikaix xjustjikaix
26-30, M
Dec 8, 2012