My First Time In Bed

Back in my college days I would normally travel home at weekends to be with my then girlfriend. This particular weekend she had arranged to have extra time off work and was coming up to see me and do some 'city' shopping and sight-seeing.
She duly arrived early on the Friday evening and we spent a couple of hours with friends at a local bar before returning to my student accomodation. Which at this point I should describe as being of minimal standards, typical of off-campus accomodation at the time and having to share bathroom facilities with a number of others.
All being well so far we took a drink to bed with us and proceeded to make up for lost time as I had been unable to make it home the previous weekend. After possibly nearly 1 1/2hrs she announced she needed to pee really badly. Up till now we had participated in a number of peeing experiences as we were both keen on water-sports but that did not prepare me for what was about to happen! The bathroom was along the corridor and down a short flight of stairs passing a couple of rooms from which loud and drunken revellings were eminating. What with that and the fact that half the lighting was out she turned to me and said 'do I have to go down there or can I just go here?' Being very much into seeing her hot pee flooding from her c£££ I said I'd love you to but there is carpet everywhere. 'So' she said and led me back to bed, 'What about here? There is a protecter on the mattress isn't there?' At that my **** was about to burst so I just grinned stupidly and laid back down. She then got on the bed kneeling either side of me and took a deep breath and pushed! At first it came as a small trickle then gained momentum and force until a torrent of her hot pee was bouncing off my ****. She gradually leant backwards to direct her golden stream up over my stomach then my chest and finally over my face. She peed full force for well over a minute soaking me and the bed totally with her delicious pee. Then she leant forward kissing me and licking her pee off my chest. With her wicked crooked little smile she looked up and said 'Well, are you going to return the favour?' But thats a story for another day.Nighty night!
JMeerkat JMeerkat
51-55, M
Dec 11, 2012