A Total Lack Of Cooperation

Back in the summer of 2008 after 37 years of marriage, I finally developed the courage to tell my wife my fantasies and fetishes. I told her I was into urophagia and watersport, as well as coprophagia and other scat activities. I managed to talk her into peeing on me and letting me drink her pee, but she would not reciprocate and eventually decided that she didn't want to participate in watersport any more. As to coprophagia and scat activities, she totally refused to even consider them.  I asked her to defecate on my chest for my 65th birthday. I told her I would consider it an ultimate act of her love for me because she would be sharing one of her most intimate and private moments with me. She refused which has ended any sexual activity, sparse as it was, that we had. I now sleep in a separate bedroom so I can engage in my fetishes without disturbing her, and we live like roommates in the same house.

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I've been reading all your stories and was wondering if you slept with your wife, I see from this article you don't. I'm curious how the rest of your life as husband and wife is going. Do you watch television together? Go out to dinner and a movie? Take vacations together, etc? Do you have certain household duties, washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, washing, etc? From all your stories, I see you are a very forthcoming individual and perhaps your confession was too much information for your wife. Somewhere in those 37 years of marriage you must have had children, worked in the yard, traveled together and I wonder how all that part of your marriage is going now that your wife has all this information. I hope all is well. Even if she is only a roommate I hope you still love each other as friends. I'll have to admit, if my wife took on all the the activities, especially eating your own feces, that you have developed, I would have a difficult time being with her. Fortunately that is not the case, I only have a pee fetish and I keep it solo for the most part. I hope your life is a happy one, you mentioned in one of your articles that you were just waiting around to die. That was a very sad statement. In spite of your unusual kinks, I think you are a very interesting person.

That sucks.<br />
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This is what I imagine it would go like, which is why I'm never going to tell my girlfriend about this part of me.<br />
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It's a shame that I have to hide part of myself, but most people are just way too ******* intolerant of what really is quite an innocent, if weird, kink.

I would be more then happy to poop on you papi <3