You Have That Already Right?

Don't most of you already have that, a woman that rocks your world. Don't you remember when you were first married?....Didn't she rock your world then?

Und now you are saying she doesn't rock you any more, or you are divorced , und she is rocking some one elses world.

When you look into her eyes, can you say she does not rock your world, the mother of your children, does not rock your world.

How long are you going to sit there with some one that does not rock your world?.. Dont you love her or your self enough to tell her that she does not rock you any more, or you just going to sit there day after day with the lie hiden deep inside of you.

If you had any love for her you would tell her woul;dnt you, you just would not want to keep hurting her because she doesnt do it for you any more.You'd want to spaire her the pain of living with some one who did not love her wouldnt you?

So in class today we learned that we should just get up , go in there where she is und tell her,

get your *** out of my life . you dont rock my world, any more.

so why didnt you tell her, no guts?.... no I couldnt do it eather, I have no guts, I always let others make up my mind as far as how happy I am , ....90% of us do! life goes on und we remain unhappy und not having any one that really rocks your world...........just my thoughts.



Leiza350 Leiza350
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 26, 2009

rock ........MY WORLD ... or maybe it rocked to often.