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I actually have had a girl rock my world. We were always together and really close. The thing is this relationship was still complicated. There is so much i don't have the patience to write or the time right now.

I just want to say it started with me flirting with her at my birthday party when i was turning 28 because she was attractive and i could tell she was a lesbian so i was just amusing myself or something cause i like men but, she took it as serious and our friendship began.

I was lonely at the time so i was like what the heck why not. Our relationship was to say the least interesting and drew a lot of attention sometimes unwanted. I didn't even give a **** what ppl thought cause they weren't there for me like she was.

The thing i hate to admit though is at first i think i was just using her or letting her in my life just cause mine was so ****** up at the time with no car and few friends. So at first i wasn't serious but she was clingy and came over like more than i wanted her to but i figured who else have i got so then when i got to know her better i did care for her. She is a really caring person and showed it too. Like all the hangover's i had she would rub my head and get me asprin and like do the dishes and ****...i know its corny but she cared and since i was totally being self-destructive i was glad she was there for me.

She was much younger than me though too. She was 21 barely drinking age legal. So we went to the bar a lot and there was a generation gap that was annoying to me but not her apparently.

The guys at the bar hated her because she always what they would say ****-blocked me..she was the type of chick that could kick a guys *** and i actually had to defend one dude that was our friend and tried to come inbetween us fighting one night. I was gonna go home with this one guy that was a friend of ours and she made it to where i got into a fight with some chick that didn't even know me trying to tell me what to do..its a long story but i ended up hitting her and then her bf got in my face and i had to leave which is what she wanted in the first place because she would do anything to make sure i didn't get any ****.

I can see now that she wanted it to just be me and her but she knew i wasn't lesbian but whatever. Sadly after 3 years of being together she split after i met my husband because she could tell i really cared for him and she did try to get rid of him too but they got into it bigtime and so she stayed away. She had to do anger management classes two years after we split for that one incident after she caused me to get into a fight and then we got into it when we got home and she got arrested.

After that her family hated me and my family already didn't like her well my mom didn't. Everyone else was cool to her and suprisingly enough my dad liked her. The sad thing is now were not even friends and even though its been like forever since i hung out or talked to her i still miss her sometimes.

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thanks for the comment. it did end sad i do miss her but she had to move on and she did. she is married to a chick now and seems happy on her myspace but they have some problems cause she contacted me recently and was gonna visit me, but then decided not to and wanted to work things out with her wife. i wish at least we could still be friends though.

aww this story is sad. I know how she feels actually, but when I got into my relationship with a straight woman, that was when I first realized that I was attracted to women.. I know how she feels, and it's not a great feeling, but I understand where you are coming from too. I glad you found someone though. :)