Sitting On Husbands Face

I love to sit on my husbands face and rub myself into his nose and mouth. I love laying him down on the bed and then straddling him either facing towards his feet or towards his head. Our favorite way is when I am facing towards his feet, its just easier when he needs to come up for air for me to just lift or shift my *** forward a little bit giving him a nice view of what his nose has been in and then leaving back and pressing myself back onto to his nose and mouth. He loves it when I wear satin panties either a satin thong or a satin bikini panty and I press the silky, slippery, and smooth fabric against his nose and mouth, pressing my dirty panty crotch right into his nose. I can reach back and pull my panties to the side so his nose is right in my wet hole or I can slide my panties back so he is smelling and feeling my wetness through the panties. It gets me so wet to know how much he enjoys me sitting on his face, and feeling his nose and mouth pressing agasint my wet spot just gets me more turned on and wetter. With me facing his feet as I sit on his face I can see just how much I am turning him on by sitting on his face as he is hard as a rock and leaking ***, when he needs to come up for air and I lean forward a bit, I love sticking just the tip of his hardon in my mouth and cleaning up the drips of *** that have been leaking from it. Check out our profile for more about us.
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1 Response Dec 8, 2011

wish you would send me the panties so i could smell them