February 9th

Alright so I am lookin for any help I can get my wife and my friends are taking me for a girls day they're gonna take care of clothes and makeup please someone help with how I walk and how I talk I need a higher pitched voice how do I do it I really need help
Breegirlygirl Breegirlygirl
22-25, T
2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

i cant help you with the voice but try putting on a pare of high hells because they naturally make the hips sway :D XX

Lol that's what I did girl it was great one of the best days of my life :)

Well since your wife and friends are taking you for a girls day out I am sure they will help you. As for the walk, well most likely the clothes that they will have you wear will help and just remember women usually have a smaller stride, taking smaller steps than most men. As for voice, well that is a tricky one. Just remember to pitch it up, but not into a falsetto. There are many women who have deeper voices. But if between now and then you listen to women, including your wife, talking you can practice mimiking their inflection ... but keep it toward the soft side. Hope that helps ...

Thanks hun:)
Xoxo~ Bree