Shopping For Me!!

Recently I took some advice from an EP friend who is helping me become more feMale, and did I do well!! Friday I went to the department store to shop for some feminine things I was desiring to aquire. First I went to the lingery section and found a gorgeous light pink bra (36 B) with rinestones across the top-beautiful to me. The bra made me light headed with excitement to be wearing it and I carried it arround the store loooking at cloths! Next I found raseberry Kate Spade tights and black leggings that go to the ankles. These too I fell in love with and had to have. I had to got through the racks to find my size, but at the same time I made myself look at the other styles to know these were the best ones for me. During this whole time all the women looking at shoes were eying me!! They saw the bra in my hand and my looing through all the stockings and leggings for women!! Crazy excitement and fear was running through me all at the same time-and I wanted to continue and I wanted the women to look at me!! Next I noticed some pink nighties hanging on a rack not too far away-they looked gorgeous to me and over I went. The pink nightie had a collar with clasps about the neck with some ruffles down the back strap to the waist-all things I just fell in love with, so I looked throughthe rack to find a large. Again I returned to the stocking, with mypossesions in handto re-look at the many choices I had one more time-and again the women watched, slyly, saying nothing-and I began to feel like I was telling them I too can wear these things!! As I went to get on line to check out my heart went wild again-a new group of people to check me out- I hesitated and thought of what my EP friend said- I went to the line! Women were looking at my possesons and me-I think they were suspecting the cloths were for me as they were, but no one said anything to me! I was so excited!!! Then I began to hope they thought the cloths were for me and if they woundered how I would look in them!! It was great and made me so happy to walk out with such wonderful items all for me!!
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Think of this. Right our first child was born I had, mind you HAD TO go to the store and get my wife some sanitary pads. The cashier looked a me a bit odd. Then I told her of our newborn child. She looked at me and said your wife is a lucky woman to have a husband who would buy these for her and I'm proud of you for caring that much. So if I can buy pads I can buy anything.