My dream girl got the following skills/characteristics :
- she's nice and sweet/kind<3<3
- she likes cooking (not necessarily good at it)
- wants a clean house (cause so do I)
- she is not a big fan of partying so much, more of a homie type <3
- ppreferably clingy to me <3<3<3

I bet i can think of more but the absolute most important one is, being kind =)
I want a loving girl <3<3<3<3<3
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Oops, I lack the sweetness factor. I can be but I'm very honest and blunt , I tend to not sugarcoat things and people tend to find that rude.

At least you're honest about it!
What do you mean by missing the sweetness factor though? Maybe sweet to me isn't the same as sweet is to you. I'm not expecting an angel, I'm expecting a girl who is not mean, that's pretty much it ;D

I have a bit of an anger issue and to avoid physically hurting someone, I tend to verbally abuse them. I've gotten better. I walk away and come back when I'm calmer majourity of the time. And people don't seem to find my honesty the sweetest thing lol

Well, I think honesty is a great thing, I just find it hard to believe you're that bad. I think you're underestimating yourself, you're probably a great girl =)

Not many people think I am a great person cx

Well, I am one of those who do! regardless of what you think I think you're a great person =)

Well thank you, but you don't know me

Well, so far you seem like a great person, you shown me no reason at all not to be one ;D

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literally me lmao

Hahah really? Damn, your boyfriend/future boyfriend will be a damn lucky guy then!

awe ❤️ XD :)

same to you there aren't many people like you 😪

Hah well that might be true, but girls still find it hard finding me, even when I find me, they don't really see me, like I'm transparent sometimes ;P

that sucks

take it as a compliment girls normally choose the ********

hahahah yeahh that's so true ;D But it's also unfortunate for those who aren't ********

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Always be picky bro! But then again make sure she REALLY cares about you

That's so cute and so not me lol

Haha how are you as a person then?
AAnd this is my dream girl, the girl I fall in love with could be the total opposite and I would still love her way all my heart and would never trade her for anything xD not even for my dream girl because.. Love beats it all <3

Lol how am I as a person? I'm not very nice, not sweet/showy, I don't like to cook, I fine with a messy place, okay I love staying at home but parties are nice, aaaaaaand I don't like clinginess (x

*I'm fine with a messy place