Looking For An Online Girlfriend

Well where do i start? well i dont know. how about this. Before you switch to a different story you might want to read this if you want a boyfriend. Im single. this post's purpose is to fix that. Im looking not for a girl with the looks but a girl who is kind, affectionate and loves online gaming. Im 14 and want a friend/girlfriend who is 13-15. I dont care where you come from but it would help if you played miencraft. it is my favourite game. What i want a girlfriend for is so i can play mincraft with you. on online servers, building with you, role playing with you and talking with you on skype. Im commited and hope that as we go on playing we grow a personal relationship. I dont want to sound like a elimination Quiz Gamemaster but if you fit this criteria then please contact me. We dont have to be GF and BF we could just be friends but I do hope you do want to be my girlfriend.

Contact me on:
EP Link
Skype: Vycanon
Vycanon Vycanon
13-15, M
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

hey, uh, okay, I really want mc but I'm not allowed, is that okay?