Anay One In Co

i dont know if there are anay girls that like girls in co in their teans but right now i just want to be with some one. i hate to be alone with no saport on my orentation but a friend would be a good start and looks dont matter to me aslong as your kind to me, i will like you. kk?
silvermoon13 silvermoon13
13-15, F
3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

I love ANY sex (well, count im an les) But if you need a friend i'll be there for you and i dont care i also need a freind an saport! I have no one to talk to this stuff about....That makes me really hard to get threw life with an secret i cant tell til' i move out.....But you should hit me up if you wanna talk!

thank you but i cant go on your page because it says it may have inoproret stuff<br />
but i would like to be friends

i'll be that friend for you, if you want. I'm cool and i love all my friends for who they are no matter what. and i'm bi myself so if you ever wanna talk, just hit me up:). And you just gotta keep looking. cuz there ARE people out there who will accept you. you just have to be confident in yourself. just keep telling yourself that you have no one that you need to impress except yourself. if people can't accept you, that's their problem cuz they're missing out on having a cool friend. you are who you are so just embrace it and other people will too.